Do you offer business / team accounts?

Yes, we do! Ganttify for Business offers a single billing account that can manage multiple subscriptions. This way, you can easily add/invite colleagues without requiring everyone at the office to manually enter their credit card details to get a subscription. 

Business account holders can also remove team members for instance when a colleague no longer works at the company or the project is delivered to that specific client.

Currently, we're offering 3 group discount tiers:
  • 5 Ganttify Pro annual subscriptions - 10% discount per user
  • 10 Ganttify Pro annual subscriptions - 20% discount per user
  • 20+ Ganttify Pro annual subscriptions - 35% discount per user
In each tier, you'll be able to add more than the predefined amount of users for the same discount. E.g. when you sign up for the second tier, each extra user (11+) will have a 20% discount applied on their subscription.
Contact our sales & support team for more information to get you started with a Ganttify for Business account.
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