What is this information stored on my Trello cards?

When you have created a Gantt chart of your Trello boards using Ganttify, Ganttify needs a place to store the information you're updating in the Gantt chart. We do that by saving relevant text data on the specific elements which can be:

  • A the bottom of the card description field
  • At the end of the checklist name
  • At the end of a checklist item
  • At the end of a Trello list
  • At the end of a Trello card

Where possible, we will use as much 'Trello native' features as possible to store information that relates to the Gantt chart. For instance, when you set a due date on a card in Ganttify, we will set a Trello due date on that card. However, Trello does not natively support a start date on a card. That's where these stored texts come in. While a card can not have a start date in Trello, we can store the start date information in the description of the Trello card by adding the text "Start:" followed by the date and time.

Some of the information that we store this way is (at the time of writing):

  • Show/hide status of an element using "Ganttify: hide"
  • Duration of an element using "Duration:" followed by a numeric value in hours (h) or days (d)
  • Start date using "Start:" followed by a date and time

As a user, you are free to change or delete this information as you please. Do note however that this will affect the created Gantt chart of that specific Trello board.

Because Ganttify values your privacy and data, we do not store any information about the contents of your Trello board on our own servers. Therefore, we are required to use this method of information storage to provide you with a rich Gantt chart experience while not compromising on the privacy of your data.

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