Installation & Requirements

Ganttify is an online web application. This means it will simply work in your browser. There is no need to download or install anything. Just open a browser like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox and go to

A screen capture of the Ganttify home page

On the homepage click the Login button, enter your Ganttify account credentials, and you will be forwarded to the  Project List from which you can start to select the projects from which you're going to create a Gantt chart automatically.
Ganttify will work in almost any major modern browser with JavaScript enabled on any modern Mac, PC (Windows or Linux), iPad, iPhone or Android device.
During development Tom’s Planner is continuously being tested on Windows 10, Ubuntu and the most recent version of Mac OS X using the browsers: The latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox (see  What browsers does Ganttify support?).
The minimum requirements in terms of processor speed and memory are hard to determine. If your computer can run the latest version of the before mentioned internet browsers, it will be able to use Ganttify as well.
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