Hiding and showing rows in your Basecamp Gantt chart

Sometimes when you create a Gantt chart of your Basecamp project using Ganttify, you don't need all the information from your Basecamp project to show up in the Gantt chart. Instead, you can manually choose to hide certain rows of data from the Gantt chart altogether. 

This guide is written for Basecamp 3 users. If you're using Basecamp 2, this guide is for you →.

Basecamp 3

In Basecamp 3, there are a couple of types of data that are shown in the Gantt chart and which can be hidden by Ganttify. We'll go over each one and how to hide, and sometimes just as important, show them back in the Gantt chart again.

Hide and show project events

Basecamp 3 allows you to keep track of Schedule Events in a project calendar. These events show up in the "Schedule" group of your Gantt chart. To hide an event, simply right-click the event row in the left side of the Gantt chart and choose "hide row" from the context menu:

The scheduled event will now be hidden from the Gantt chart immediately and will stay hidden upon refresh of the Gantt chart. When you view the event in Basecamp, you will see that it will now have an updated "Notes" field:

Note: Ganttify will not overwrite existing information in the Notes field. The meta information will be added to the end of any pre-existing notes. To make this event available in Ganttify again, simply remove the line and text below it stating "This item is hidden in Ganttify" and refresh your Gantt chart.

Hide and show entire To-do lists

If you've read through the first part of this article, by now you might be able to guess what's coming next. For those who skipped through this part, we'll just show you again how it's done. Hiding an entire Basecamp To-do list from the Gantt chart is as easy as right-clicking the row on the left side of the Gantt and choosing the "hide row" menu option:

Much like with the previously mentioned Schedule Events, Ganttify will now update the description of the To-do list in Basecamp and append it with the meta information. The entire To-do list will now remain hidden from Ganttify whenever you create a Gantt chart of this Basecamp project. If you wish to show this To-do list in your Gantt charts again, simply go into Basecamp, edit the description of the To-do list and remove the text below the line that states " This item is hidden in Ganttify" from the description. Refresh your Gantt chart and the To-do list and all its to-dos will now show up again.

Hide and show To-dos

Last but not least, you can also hide individual To-dos from a list. Maybe you want to hide all finished To-dos (but this can be done using the filtering option as well) or there are certain To-dos you don't want to show up in the Gantt chart for other reasons; either way, we've got you covered. Just like all the parts of the Gantt we mentioned before, simply right-click the row you wish to hide from the Gantt chart and choose "hide row" in the context menu

Right-click the row of the Basecamp Todo to hide it from the Gantt chart

As with most hidden items, to show the To-do again in the Gantt chart, simply edit the To-do in Basecamp and remove the line "This item is hidden in Ganttify" from the Notes field.

That's it!

That's all you need to know about hiding and showing different elements of your Gantt chart for Basecamp 3!

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