Sorting the Gantt chart columns

The entire Gantt chart can easily be sorted ascending or descending by whichever column you wish. Let us show you how.

When you have opened a Gantt chart from your project list, hover your mouse cursor over one of the columns like this:

When you click (with the left mouse button) on the little arrow icons, the sorting context menu shows up like this:

This menu is fairly self-explanatory:

  • Sort the Gantt chart by the selected column (in the case of this example, sort the Gantt chart ascending by the description column
  • Sort the Gantt chart by date ascending
  • Reset the sorting and reload the Gantt chart

Sort the Gantt chart by the selected column

(Left) Click this menu item once to sort ascending by this column's data. That can be description column but you could also choose to sort by assignee, duration or any other column you have activated. 

Sort by date

Left-click this menu item once to sort by the dates of each row, ascending

Reset sorting

Left-click the reset sorting action and the Gantt chart will now reload and remove any custom sorting that was previously applied. The default sorting depends on the integration you're using.

Tip: For all sorting menu actions counts: click the menu item again, and you will apply the same sorting logic, but descending.


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