Do you offer business / team accounts?

Ganttify has three subscription tiers: Personal, Small Team, and Large Team. These tiers are designed to accommodate the needs of individuals, small teams, and large teams, respectively.

The Personal tier is designed for individual users. On the other hand, the Small Team and Large Team tiers are designed for teams and offer additional features, such as team management capabilities and the ability to invite team members to use Ganttify.

Ganttify for Trello is currently offered on the old Standard and Pro subscriptions, where you pay per user. However, if you're interested in business or team accounts, you can contact sales to get a quote.
Once you're set up with a trial account, you can invite people to join your team. The team manager is the one who pays for the subscription, and all team members get full access to Ganttify, including the ability to create and manage their own Gantt charts.

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