What is this information stored on my Trello cards?

When you use Ganttify to create a Gantt chart from your Trello boards, we synchronize as much information as possible between the two platforms. When you change your tasks in the Gantt chart, the corresponding Trello cards will be automatically updated to reflect those changes.

For example, when you edit tasks' start and due dates in the Gantt chart, these changes will be reflected on the corresponding Trello cards by automatically updating the start- and due dates.

Checklists and Checklist items

When you edit a Trello checklist or checklist item in the Gantt chart, we will add metadata text to that item, such as "Start: 25/01/2023 Duration: 3h", to save the duration and start date. This way, we can plan checklist items in the Gantt chart, while Trello does not natively support start dates or duration information on these items.

It's important to note that we take your privacy and data very seriously. All data is securely stored on the Trello servers, and we only access the information necessary to create and update the Gantt chart. We do not store any information about the contents of your Trello board on our servers.

This article has been updated since Ganttify for Trello now natively supports Trello Card start dates:

See our blog: New feature - Native support for Start dates on Trello cards

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