Publishing and sharing Gantt charts

Gantt charts you have created can easily be shared with your clients, co-workers, or management. Let us show you how.

When you're at the Project List overview, select one or more projects of which you wish to create a Gantt chart. Simply by checking the boxes like so:

Just click the project row to select it. You can select multiple.

Next, click the Publish button at the top of the project list:

You can find the Publish button at the top of the Project List

Your Published Chart is ready

Your Published Chart is now ready to share. The dialog shows a conveniently short link you can copy and share with anyone. The recipient of this link will have read-only access to this particular Gantt chart.

Published Charts are not password protected by default. Make sure to set a password on your Chart to secure your confidential project information if you're creating a Published Chart.

Make sure to password-protect your Chart

Do note the red open-lock icon next to the newly created link. This means that your Published Chart is currently not password protected. To secure your published chart, enter a password, and click Save. The red open-lock will not change into a green closed-lock icon, indicating your confidential project information in the Published Chart is now secured.

The Publish & Share dialog. Here you can copy the published link, set a password and unpublish the Gantt chart

Unpublish a Gantt chart

When a project is finished, or you no longer wish to share a public link to your Gantt chart, you can unpublish it. Select the project(s) of which you have created a published link, click the Publish button at the top of the project list, and the edit dialog will appear.

Here you can click Unpublish at the bottom left. This will invalidate and remove the published link.

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