Set default Gantt chart settings for the team

One of the features of Ganttify is that each user can individually customize Gantt charts to their own liking: hiding, showing and resizing columns, choosing Zoom levels, etc.

While this is great for individual users, sometimes you might want to make sure that everyone is looking at the exact same Gantt chart with the same columns visible/hidden and the same zoom level.

As a team owner, you can choose to set customizations you have made , with the rest of the Ganttify team. It's really easy to do:

  • Open the Timeline settings dialog by clicking the gears icon in the top left of the Gantt chart
  • Click on the "Team" tab
  • Here, you check "Set my timeline settings as default for team members"
  • Click on "apply changes"

Now, when a team member opens this Gantt chart, they'll automatically see the default settings you have set and can start working with the project's timeline instead of having to customize the Gantt chart first.

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