Getting to know your way around the Project List

Great! You have created your Ganttify account, linked the integration of your choice and are now looking at your Project List. What's next?

The Ganttify project list

Using the checkboxes on the left side of each project, you can select one or more projects. Once you have selected at least one project, click the green Open Gantt chart button to go directly to the Gantt chart.

If you've been here before, you might want to share a link to the Gantt chart with your client. In order to do so, you can publish Gantt charts. This creates a public link which you can optionally password protect that gives your client a read-only always up to date view of the planning. Read more about publishing Gantt charts →

The two other options you have left in the button bar are " Save as Image" and "Save as PDF". Both of these buttons will directly take you to the export window and allow you to create a PNG image of the Gantt chart which you can embed in documents and presentations or a convenient PDF file to share with clients or print directly.

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