Dependencies for your Basecamp projects

You've created a Gantt chart of your Basecamp project using Ganttify and visualized all the ongoing tasks and events.

Now, you want to ensure that when one to-do in your Basecamp to-do list gets delayed, another to-do's start date also moves back. Managing all these dependencies between tasks can quickly become a tedious job, especially when you're working with a team on larger projects.

In Ganttify, you can set dependencies between the time blocks and due dates of your to-dos and schedule events to ensure everything automatically stays on track. Here's a short demo video about how this feature works:

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Add dependencies to your Basecamp project

When you open up a Gantt chart, you see the ' due dates' and 'time blocks' of your Gantt. Each row represents a to-do or a scheduled event from your Basecamp project. With the new dependencies feature, you can right-click each item and choose 'Add dependency' from the context menu.

Once you set up your dependencies, you can easily update your project schedule by dragging a time block or due date left or right in the Gantt chart. Suppose a task gets delayed by moving it in Ganttify. In that case, the dependent tasks will automatically reschedule, all the new dates will directly be synchronized to your Basecamp project, and everyone will stay up to date.

Removing dependencies from Basecamp to-dos and tasks and cards

You can easily do that if you need to remove a dependency. All you have to do, like most things in Ganttify, is use the right-mouse click. Right-click on the dependency line you wish to remove and left-click on " Remove dependency" from the context menu.

Now, you have learned the basics of creating and removing dependencies.

Viewing dependencies in Basecamp

Since creating and editing dependencies is a feature Ganttify offers as a part of the Gantt charts made of your Basecamp projects, the dependencies can not be seen inside of Basecamp directly, only within the Gantt charts. When dependent tasks get delayed, and you wish to share updates with clients outside of your Basecamp team, you can use published Gantt charts to share a live timeline of your projects.
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