Your first Gantt chart in Ganttify

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In this video, we're going to show you how to get started with creating your first Gantt chart in Ganttify.

When you open a project in Ganttify, chances are that you don't see much of a Gantt chart at first. You're probably looking at a bunch of due dates or just an empty grid view. To create a Gantt chart, we want to set start and end dates on your tasks and draw some time blocks for each task.

If a task has no start or end date yet, it is represented with an empty row in the Gantt chart. Simply right-click in this empty row and choose 'add time block' to create your first time block. You can drag the time block to the correct position and if you drag it on the left and right side, you can set a new start and end date for this task.

To convert time blocks to due dates, right-click on a due date in the Gantt chart and choose 'convert to time block'. Now, the checkmark changes into a time block for which you can set a start and end date. This works the other way around as well. Right-click on a time block and choose 'convert to due date'.

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